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Complaint & Appeal

Complaint Process

The complaint is the formal expression of Dissatisfaction against the services. The complainant can be an individual or an organization .

Complaint Procedure:-

  • The complainant can use any of the modes of communication.
  • The complaint logged on our complaint log. 
  • The complaint shall be recorded , acknowledged by Customer communication and shall be forwarded to Head of Certification. 
  •  In case of anonymous complaint, or inadequate description, Head System Certification reserves the right of dealing with the complaint as deemed appropriate.
  • Head system Certification shall investigate , keep complainant updated on status , and communicate the decision & actions to the complainant.

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by us , you can directly fill the above form in or email us to [email protected]

Appeal Process

The appeal is the expression of dissatisfaction on the result or outcome of the exam, certification decision or any other related matter

  • The appellant can use any of the modes of communication. 
  • All the appeals shall be recorded and acknowledged by customer communication & shall be forwarded to Head of Certification.
  • Head of Certification shall ensure proper tracking of appeals.
  • Head of Certification shall investigate, keep appellant updated and communicate the decision & actions to the appellant . 
  • The Head of  Certification shall take suitable Corrective Action and Monitor its effectiveness