Certification of Lifting Equipment operators

Lifting Equipment operators Certification scheme is complying with ISO 7024, ISO ISO 15513 & DM-Public Health and Safety Department scheme. Practical exam will be needed. please find the below the Grades we are offering.

Crane Operators

Category A :- Mobile cranes , Truck mounted cranes, Vehicle mounted truck loader cranes.

Category B :- Overhead travelling cranes, Goliath and semi-goliath cranes, Monorail cranes.

Category C :- Tower Cranes

Education & Training

  • The Applicants should be able to read & understand the operator manual of the equipment.or
  • At least secondary education level and higher 

Grade Experience

  • At least one year experience working as a full time crane operator. or At least three year experience working as a part time crane operator. 

Skill Examination

• Pass Written/Oral Examinations (Core Exam and at least one Specialty Exam) with score not less than 80%
• Pass Practical Examination(s) with score not less than 75%

Work Experience

Applicants for Specified grade must provide verifiable evidence as bellow:-
● At least one year work experience in total including on job training. or At least three year work experience in total including on job training.(secondary  level education)
● proof of legal compliance e,g, driving license
● Comply with the LEOTF Code of Ethics.
● One year full time operator experience in relevant Category will be included in total work experience.
Evidence of work experience included:
● Employer (include contact details)
● Dates of Employment: and
● Roles, responsibilities (job description) and achievements. Dates of Employment: and Roles, responsibilities (job description) and achievements.